Jason Meyers @ Beatlemania- Toronto 2016

Jason Meyers Interview @ Beatlemania – Toronto 2016

I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, where I began my professional career in financial services. It was after a few years working in the industry that I realized my passion was not in finance, but rather in fashion design. Not that I didn’t enjoy finance; I was just more interested in my personal style and helping other people create their own. I found myself following different global design houses, reading fashion magazines and being overwhelmed by the feeling that I really, really wanted to do this.

It was at that point that I “jumped!” I made a move to Toronto, entering the Fashion Design Program at the International Academy of Design & Technology. It was an intense program spanning 18 months, but I knew I needed to learn all the technical skill sets for clothing production to become a successful designer.

I graduated top of my class and soon after began building my women’s custom apparel clientele. Through the next 10 years, I developed and launched my women’s wear brand. With that brand, I’ve grandstanded at Toronto Fashion Week a number of times and have been involved in a large number of charity events/shows to raise money for causes that are close to my heart.

After ranking as a finalist on Global Television’s “Project Runway Canada Season 2,” I readjusted my brand to focus on men’s custom designer suits and shirts. The women’s wear side of my business helped me build a brand name and exposed some of my creativity and artistry in design through elaborate gowns and specialty garments. Now I use my design and tailoring skills to produce very high quality and fashionable suiting.

With all this being said, I truly love just creating and working with people. Every single one of my clients is amazing! They’re different, interesting and unique. Every day I wake up grateful to have the life I have and to share a little piece of my own fresh take on the fashion world with others.